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Illinois Traffic Tickets

Fighting Illinois Traffic Tickets

Because traffic tickets in Illinois are commonplace, people often believe that traffic tickets are not important. For this reason, most do not even pause to consider that they can fight, and probably should. Instead, they simply accept it by paying the fine or enrolling in traffic safety school. There are better options to consider. By paying the fine, you are accepting guilt, and a conviction. If you qualify for and accept traffic school, you give up the chance for a dismissal, acquittal or supervision without a traffic school. Failure to challenge a traffic ticket in Illinois courts can later lead to serious difficulties with insurance as well as license suspension.

In fact, a conviction stays on your record as a blemish. It is something that can be used against you in the future and could even affect your daily life. For example, if you received a speeding ticket in Illinois or if you were accused of running a red light, the effects on your insurance rates could be devastating, and if you unexpectedly rack up more than one ticket within a relatively short time, you could find your driver's license suspended.

Hiring an Illinois traffic ticket attorney could make all the difference in your future.

Why hire a traffic ticket lawyer?

If you have been ticketed with a mandatory infraction that requires a court appearance, have been involved in a traffic accident or if you have been charged with a DWLS, it is in your best interests to get the involvement of an experienced traffic ticket attorney that you can fully trust. At Fagan Fagan & Davis, our legal team has proven to be well-versed in traffic ticket defense - we can handle everything from DUI defense to helping protect the rights of commercial drivers. When you have this much on the line, you can't afford to wait – call now.

Free Chicago Traffic Offense Consultation

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If you are facing a Traffic Offense in the Greater Chicago area, including Cook, Lake and DuPage Counties, we will review your case with you for free.

Where do we appear in court?

Our Des Plaines location is strategically located minutes from I-294, Edens expressway and I-355. We regularly appear for Illinois DUI and Traffic ticket defense throughout Cook, Lake and DuPage county courts, which includes Chicago, Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Bridgeview, Markham, Maywood, Waukegan, Mundelein, Wheaton, Addison, Downers Grove and more.