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Mandatory Appearance Infractions in Illinois

When a person is accused of committing certain traffic offenses, they may be given a citation for a traffic infraction which do not require a mandatory court appearance. In most cases, it is important to consult an attorney immediately to determine the best course of action. Still other traffic violations require a mandatory court appearance and will be marked “court appearance required” on the face of the traffic ticket. A traffic infraction is an offense which violates Illinois traffic laws and statutes, including those regarding vehicle codes. People facing such a “petty offense” cannot be sentenced to jail, but can be required to pay fines or other fees and to attend traffic school for up to 8 hours.

However, some Illinois traffic tickets can be charged as misdemeanors carrying up to 364 days in jail, and some can even be charged as felony offenses.

If you have been given a citation for a traffic infraction, you should speak with a traffic violation lawyer at our firm. The timelines and deadlines regarding mandatory infractions are strict and if you do not respond or if you miss your court date a conviction could enter, your license could be suspended, or in some cases, you may even be arrested for failure to appear as required. Retaining an attorney as early as possible will help ensure you meet appropriate deadlines, give the attorney time to investigate and inspect the traffic citation or charging documents for important errors, and is extremely important to ensure that your case proceeds smoothly.

Mandatory hearings for traffic infractions are formal court proceedings pertaining to traffic offenses where the defendant may plea guilty or not guilty, and if guilty, may have the opportunity to explain their circumstances to a judge. A mandatory court appearance can be a stressful event to endure and a defendant who appears before the Judge without skilled and experienced attorney representation tend to have less desirable outcomes of their cases. A lawyer can make sure you are on the right track and will help resolve your traffic violation in a positive way.

Chicago Lawyers Helping with Traffic Violations

At Fagan Fagan & Davis, our team of attorneys are highly experienced in dealing with Illinois traffic offenses and have the knowledge necessary to represent you during a mandatory court appearance. With your attorney by your side, you will feel confident and at ease knowing a seasoned legal professional is handling your case and looking out for your best interests.

Chicago Traffic DUI and Criminal Defense, and Illinois Real Estate

If you are facing a Traffic Offense, DUI or criminal office in the Greater Chicago area, including Cook, Lake, Kane, Will or DuPage Counties, we will review your case with you at no charge and discuss what you face and how we can help. If you need help with buying or selling Real Estate anywhere in northern Illinois, give us a call, we can help.

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Our Lincolnwood office is strategically located minutes from the Edens expressway, and our Loop office is just across the street from the Daley Center. We handle real estate closings throughout northern Illinois, and regularly appear in court for Illinois DUI, Criminal and Traffic ticket defense throughout the Chicago area including Cook, Lake, Kane, Will and DuPage counties. This includes Chicago, Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Bridgeview, Markham, Maywood, Waukegan, Mundelein, Wheaton, Addison, Naperville, Joliet, Elgin, St Charles and more.