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Commercial Drivers

Drivers who have commercial driver's licenses operate large trucks, semis, 18-wheelers, big rigs, and other types of commercial vehicles to make a living. People with commercial driver's licenses tend to spend a lot of time on the road because they depend on driving to earn their living. Because these drivers spend so much time on the road, their chances of receiving a traffic citations significantly increase. Commercial drivers are often up against strict deadlines and to deliver goods to a location at a specific time, which tempt many to commit traffic offenses such as speeding, or into operating with equipment violations or overweight. If you are a commercial driver and have been charged with a traffic violation or an overweight citation, you should speak with a Chicago traffic ticket defense attorney at our firm.

Commercial drivers have much to lose if they receive traffic tickets. Some companies will terminate a driver if they receive a traffic citation because they are seen as being “high risk,” and are a liability to the company. It is important for commercial drivers to have immaculate records otherwise they may have a difficult time getting hired for future work. If a commercial driver receives traffic tickets in a close period of time, or commits serious traffic offenses, they may lose their commercial driver's licenses temporarily, or in some cases permanently. Losing a commercial driver's license can be devastating not only to the individual's sense of self, but to their family as well.

At Fagan Fagan & Davis, our traffic violation attorneys realize how much is at stake when a commercial driver receives a traffic citation. Our lawyers take this type of offense very seriously and work hard to prevent the ticket from going on record, that way their job can stay secure.

Chicago area Traffic DUI and Criminal Defense

If you are facing a Traffic Offense, DUI or criminal office in the Greater Chicago area, including Cook, Lake, Kane, Will or DuPage Counties, we will review your case with you at no charge and discuss what you face and how we can help.

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